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Automotive Heating Pad Adhesive Tape Placement Machine


  • Speed3s/pc (tape)
  • Power9.0 kW
  • VoltageThree Phase -AC380V±10% 50/60Hz 9kW
Suitable for automatic production of car seat heating.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Equipment Components: Automatic Feeding Device + Camera Recognition System + Tape Grabbing Device + Tape Library.

2. Automatic material feeding device, continuous working non-stop.

3. Camera recognition system automatically identifies and locates the product and transmits the data to the device for the next step.

4. Automatic tape grabbing device with vacuum adsorption function ensures tape firmly grabbed.

5. The tape library can adapt to various specifications of tape.

6. Fully automatic tape cutting device can cut tapes of any width and length quickly within the allowable range, and ensure the flatness of the cut.

Automotive Heating Pad Adhesive Tape Placement MachineAutomotive Heating Pad Adhesive Tape Placement Machine

Product Parameters


Speed 3s/pc (tape)
Power Supply Three Phase -AC380V±10% 50/60Hz 9kW
Power 9.0 kW