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Intelligent Embroidery Theory-Practice Integration Training Platform


  • Speed1000rpm
  • Power1.2KW
  • VoltageSingle 220v
Suitable for the theory-practice integrated teaching and training in garment design, apparel design engineering, product design, and advertising design.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. 12 colors of flat embroidery, cap embroidery, and tubular embroidery functions, and optional functions like boring embroidery, tracing cording embroidery, and double sequin embroidery, etc.

2. Abundant embroidery teaching resource library,including variety of computer embroidery technology and designs library, Chinese Family Names library, English 26 letters library, as well as embroidering software teaching videos and cases to be downloaded and used at any time.

3. Ergonomic design, the height of the support base can be adjusted freely according to requirements, which is convenient for teaching.

4. Self-developed intelligent embroidery operating system can not only control and operate the machine, but also make embroidery designs in the computer, and can also install CorelDraw, PS and other design software.

5. Video capture and playback can be carried out through the HD spherical camera, to realize resource library capture, collection, recording and sharing, and can be directly distributed to students through synchronous teaching software to realize resource sharing function.

Product Parameters


Speed 1000rpm
Power Supply Single 220v
Power 1.2KW