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Richpeace Hometextile Automatic Spreading Machine


  • Speed≤100m/min
  • Power2.8kW
  • VoltageSingle Phase 220V
Automatic fabric spreading process on Bedding, Curtain, Sofa and Home Textile production.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Digital LCD touch screen, freely set spreading length, no. of layers, speed & spreading method.

2. Equipped with remote control, able to control spreading start/stop, feeding and collecting fabric within 30 meters range.

3. Intelligent cutting: intelligent adjustable cutting device, easy to load and unload the blade, build-in sharpen function to improve cutting effect.

4. High sensitive senor to detect human being or obstacles barrier within 0.5 meter, to safe guard the operator and machine running. Ensure fabric edges aligned uniformly.

5. Auto detect origin of spreading after machine started up, auto return to origin when no feeding material, then auto turn off edge align function and wait for material reloaded.

6. Power interrupted during spreading fabric. Layer and spreading set data can be stored after power reconnected. Then found the origin and continue the fabric spreading is possible.

7. Emergency Stop pressed, fabric released and no dragging & deformation of material.

8. Fabric stacked & folded with height increased, cutting set automatic sense & lifting up.

9. With auto edges alignment feature, ensure fabric edges aligned properly, save fabric usage.

10. Layer counting function, auto counting number of layers during spreading process.

11. Multi- program settings, various fabric length can be set in one time.

12. Breaking point detection function: fabric inspection machine detected defect position, through the length setting during the spreading is running, able to auto detect the defect point and stop running.

Product Parameters


Speed ≤100m/min
Power Supply Single Phase 220V
Power 2.8kW
Online Consultant
Online Consultant