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Ultra-soft or Ultra-heavy Material Quilting Machine


  • Speed3000rpm
  • Power4kw
Suitable for very soft material quilting, such as Silk Quilts, Blanket, Weighted Quilts, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. 1:1 design, fixed quilting frame, quilting head & saddler moving with X & Y direction respectively for quilting work, greatly improved pattern precision. Maximum quilting dimension up to 3.2m. 

2. Maximum Speed: 3000RPM, suggested working speed at 2500-2800RPM. Supporting belt equipped, able to rigid the material during quilting process, avoid material sinking.

3. Minimized the machine size, resolved the traditional 2 times or 4 times moving frame type machine floor plan occupation problem. Increased the utilization of factory area.

4. Auto-lifting machine head, after completed a quilting work, machine head is lifted up for easy replacement of new material frame. Specially designed quilting head, presser foot with individual driving, suitable for quilting material of various thickness.

5. Extendable quilting frame, able to adjust the desirable size of quilting freely. 

6. Full servo motor control, providing powerful and accurate driving force.

7. Working between needle and rotary hook are using non-touching design, reduce the needle and rotary hook wear and tear problem, longer the rotary hook usage lifetime.

8. Koban jumbo rotary hook and bobbin case.

9. Thread broken detection: thread broken occurred then machine stopped. Re-threading, machine head move back to thread broken location to continue the quilting.

Product Parameters




Speed 3000rpm
Power 4kw