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Richpeace Double-Deck Single Needle Automatic Quilting Machine

  • Speed3000rpm/min,recommend working speed 2300-2800rpm/min
  • PowerThree-phase 380v,12kw
  • VoltageThree phase 380V
Quilt core, mattress etc. Home Textile Product.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. The system consists of two independently controlled single needle quilting machine.
2. Automatic feeding and discharging platforms for two decks, and automatic delivery and shunting from entrance to exit.
3. Automatic feeding, clamping, and tightening, free of manual frame changing work.
4. Maintenance station is reserved, so that one deck can still work if another deck is under maintenance.
5. The quilting station is belt-supporting mechanism, ensuring the material flat without depression during sewing.
6. Max. Sewing head speed can reach 3000 rpm. Recommended working speed is 2300-2800 rpm.
7. Lifting up-down sewing head, Japanese Koban jumbo rotary hook.
8. The single-side clamping fabric width is about 100mm,and the distance from needle to clamp edge is about 50mm.
9. The clamping size is adjustable, and size of finished product is within 2800 x2800mm( W x L) to 1800×1400mm ( W x L) .
10. Thread breakage detection, automatic back to the start position for threading.
11. Optional monitor system, easy to observe the sewing quality.
12. Optional automatic bobbin changer, to improve work efficiency.

Product Parameters
Model RPQP-NM-S2S-1-2500×2500-SDM-LS50-VR2-SBD,AO-3P380
Speed 3000rpm/min,recommend working speed 2300-2800rpm/min
Power Supply Three phase 380V
Power Three-phase 380v,12kw
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Online Consultant