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  • Power2.8 kW
  • Voltage220V,20kHz,1.5kW
It is suitable for automatic earloop welding of disposable multi layer mask
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Product Introduction

1. Equipped with high power ultrasonic welding device, the welding spot is firm and smooth; the welding interval time is short.

2. Touch screen control panel, easy to operate.

3. Pneumatic scissors is sharp and durable, no extra cutting earloop, suitable for continuous operation, reduce labor intensity.

4. With the combination control of Richpeace self developed control system and Schneider/Panasonic servo motor, the closed loop control of position, speed and torque is realized, with low noise and low thermal value, stable and reliable operation.

5. The frame adopts 5×5cm square steel overall welding, firm and stable without deformation, the base adopts high precision planer milling machine, the accuracy is improved.

6. The appearance design is compact and simple, the safety shield is beautiful and generous, the caster is convenient and flexible

Product Parameters


Power Supply 220V,20kHz,1.5kW
Power 2.8 kW
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Online Consultant