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Richpeace Mask Appearance Inspection Machine

  • Speed1pc/sec
  • Size1500mm×920mm×1800mm(L×W×H)
  • Power2 kW
  • VoltageAC220V±10%/50HZ(60HZ)
The mask appearance inspection device is mainly used for inspecting defective masks such as broken or dirty masks, missing welding of earloops, missing nose strips, poor spot welding, poor embossing effect,etc. to ensure defective masks can be eliminated effectively. It also solves the problem of manual inspections that are labor-intensive, subjective, and low detection efficiency
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Based on intelligent vision inspection method, it could judge the unqualified products accurately. Instead of human work, automatic inspection could improve the efficiency and automation. 

2. Single side inspection or double sides inspection are available as per the mask type. It can be built in Richpeace various types of automatic mask machine production line. 

3. Automatic unqualified products elimination function.

4. Automatic qualified products stacking function.

5. Unqualified products data record, storage and browse.

Product Parameters