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Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine for Wind Turbine Blade

    RPAS-GF-LS-2-2400×5000-G-SU-SH-LH50, AF-3P380

    RPAS-GF-LS-2-2400×5500-G-SU-SH-LH50, AF-3P380

  • Speed1000(r/min)
  • Power10kW
  • Voltage3 Phase 380V 50/60Hz
Suitable for the sewing of composite materials such as glass fibre and carbon fibre in the aerospace and wind power industry.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. X-axis with two individual control machine heads, those are international brand of triple transport sewing machine head. Adopted machine head and rotary hook separated design, control individually. With Y-axis saddler movement, reduced machine occupied area.

2. Upper and lower machine heads equipped with auto lubrication respectively, can keep proceeding the lubrication, ensure machine head working lifetime.

3. Machine head equipped with X movement lead screw, Y direction driven with gear rack and pinion. Co-operate with guide rail to reach high precision sewing.

4. Super large rotary hook, reduce the frequency of changing bobbin and improve production efficiency.

5. Driving with International brand servo motor, high precision linear guide rail driving, ensure sewing precision.

6. Machine head equipped with bobbin thread winding feature, convenient and quickly on bobbin thread winding.

7. With thread broken detection feature, thread broken then machine automatic stopped.

8. Bobbin thread counting method to record bobbin thread usage, alarm when bobbin thread insufficient, then easy to replace bobbin thread in advance.

9. Equipped with needle cooling device, able to lower down needle temperature during sewing processing, ensure needle strength, longer needle working lifetime.

10. Automatic feeding table realize one-button feeding after paving without repositioning, ensuring high feeding efficiency.

11. Within sewing area installed conveyor belt, then easy to discharge material after sewing.

12. 15-inch high-definition industrial tablet, simple to learn and easy to operate.

13. Equipped with Richpeace sewing CAD system, easy to realize special sewing process.

Product Parameters

RPAS-GF-LS-2-2400×5000-G-SU-SH-LH50, AF-3P380

RPAS-GF-LS-2-2400×5500-G-SU-SH-LH50, AF-3P380

Speed 1000(r/min)
Power Supply 3 Phase 380V 50/60Hz
Power 10kW
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Online Consultant