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Mattress Border Zipper Automatic Sewing Machine

  • Speed3000 rpm
  • Size
  • Power
  • Voltage
Apply for mattress border with zipper structure
Product Video
Product Introduction

  1. Highest sewing speed: 3000RPM.

  2. Production capacity: 10 M can be sewn in one minute.

  3. Zipper width: 32mm, other sizes can be customized.

  4.Width of the finished product after sewing: ≤350 mm, other sizes can be customized.

  5. Able to adjust technical process on product requirement to fit with zipper relative position.

  6. Synchronous cutter structure, pneumatic control cutting force, easy for adjustment.

  7. Mattress border left & right alignment mechanism, used for mattress border width and left-right position tuning.

  8. Automatic thread broken detection function.

  9. Production statistics function.

  10. Automatic collecting function.

  Optional function

  Set length cutting function.

  Follow up with next workflow & device connecting function.

  Apply for mattress border with zipper structure

  【Synchronous Cutting Structure】

  Cutter working with rotation speed synchronize with fabric feeding.Adjustable alignment setting according to the width of mattress border.Pneumatic control cutting force, easy for adjustment.

  【Multi-needle Chain Stitch Sewing Head】

  Irregular needles space chain stitch sewing head, avoid the replacement of bobbin thread, higher efficiency.

  【Upper & Bobbin Thread Broken Detection】

  Once upper or bobbin thread broken, machine stops & alarms. One-to-one method inspection having more accurate.

  【Automatic Material Collection】

  Finished material automatically rolled back, convenient for worker collection.

Product Parameters




Multi-needle double- thread chain stitch

 Number of needle

4 needles

 Sewing needles space

1/4-1/2-1/4 inch

 Sewing speed


 Sitch step

5-6 needles per inch

  Zipper width


  Power supply

Single phrase 220V

  Finished product width after sewing

≤350 mm

  Sewing thickness


  Power consumption


  Machine space