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Richpeace Rotate Head Automatic Zigzag Sewing Machine

  • SpeedMax 3000rpm,Normally 1200-2200rpm
  • Size
  • Power
  • Voltage
Apply for textile, furniture, garment, leather product zigzag sewing.
Product Video
Product Introduction
  1. Oversize sewing area, max2600mmx2800mm.

  2. Ball screw and linear guide rail construction on X&Y direction, assure the high speed and high accuracy of sewing, and good stability during high speed and high strength working. Ball screw and linear guide rail construction with long service life, promote the durability of the machine.

  3. Automatic trimming upper & bottom thread.

  4. 360 degree rotary for sewing head and rotary hook. Sewing head with same direction as stitches direction. Make the pattern sewing stitch nice appearance, achieve high quality sewing.

  5. Freely design sewing pattern, increase product diversity.

  6. High speed lifting sewing head, suitable for various kinds of thickness material sewing.

  7. System intelligent extension: Cable connections, third party device, automatic control interface.

  8. Install DLC type diamond coating treatment needle bar and spinning spindle, with high wear & tear resistance. Can work properly under high speed with less oil or even no oil situation.

  9. 5-axis servo system and high precision screw drive, assure high precision sewing performance as expected.

  10. SMC atomizing oil system, realize automatic lubrication.

  11. Richpeace sewing electric control system, ARM core+LINUX system.

Product Parameters