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  • SpeedMax 2500rpm
  • Power3.2KW
Application: suitable for duvet, health care, sewing of down sleeping bags
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Product Introduction

 1. The machine head rotates 360° arbitrarily, independently drives, completely eliminates the reverse stitch; solves the time waste caused by the gap shift and the stitch quality problem caused by the reverse stitch

  2. Working speed: 1800-2500 needles / min;

  3. The needle can be used with a special 9-11# needle for duvet;

  4. Lifting head, easy to switch between work space and frame fixture;

  5. Bridge frame structure, strong stability, low noise, high precision;

  6. Anti-drilling presser foot device effectively prevents the phenomenon of drilling when sewing the duvet;

  7. Control the presser foot through the cylinder to ensure stable sewing effect during work

  8. Using full servo motor drive to achieve stable sewing, suitable for a variety of sewing conditions;

  9. The X and Y directions are driven by ball screws, which have higher precision and more accurate positioning

  10. The suture type is a single needle lock stitch

  Suitable for duvet, health care, sewing of down sleeping bags

  [Bridge structure ] High-speed sewing has the advantages of stability and shock resistance, and can be split into multiple sections for easy transportation.

  [Starting the lifting slide] Efficient cleaning and pollution-free, effectively ensuring maximum sewing area

  [Full touch control scree] 15-inch LCD high-brightness LCD display with larger screen and clearer display.

  [Rail structure] The high-precision ball screw and linear guide structure are adopted in the X and Y directions for higher precision and better stability.

  [servo motor] 6-axis servo motor drive, high positional accuracy, accurate and beautiful stitching, stable and reliable operation.

  [High precision reducer] Equipped with a high-precision planetary reducer for higher precision, smoother rotation and longer service life.

  [Anti-drilling presser foot] Equipped with anti-drilling presser foot to prevent the pile from falling when sewing the duvet.

  [Organ shield] More beautiful and dustproof, extending the life of the lead screw.

  [Automatic frame changer(Optional)] The precision sewing frame is large, and the frame change can be easily changed to save the manpower.

Product Parameters


Speed Max 2500rpm
Power 3.2KW
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Online Consultant