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Richpeace Automatic Platform Leather Punching Machine



  • Speed1000 Holes/Min
  • Power1.5kW
  • VoltageSingle-Phase 220V/Three-Phase 380V
Applicable for the punching process of car seats, foot pads, aviation seats, furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather handbags, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Richpeace platform punching machine with compact and reasonable design and small footprint.

2. The hollow-type box for detritus collecting, no scraps remained on the fabric, and the vacuum cleaner works intermittently, which saves energy and electricity.

3. The machine head moves horizontally, and the maximum punching speed is 1000 holes/min.

4. There are four round hole punching needle specifications for each punching knife: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm,and four punching knives which can be switched freely, realized free punching pattern design and easy gradual pass design.

5. In the punching process, the material does not need to be stretched and clamped, and it can solve the problem of special-shaped leather clamping to cooperate with different templates technology.

6. Set the length of automatic paper feeding to save the cost of paper padding.

7. Equipped with Richpeace third-generation punching machine control system, intelligent bar-code scanning technology can help the positioning operation faster and process management more organized.

8. Richpeace independently R&D exclusive Punching CAD software, which is easy to learn and solves the difficulties of pattern design making in the industry.

Product Parameters



Speed 1000 Holes/Min
Power Supply Single-Phase 220V/Three-Phase 380V
Power 1.5kW
Installation Area

1500mm×2300mm×1300mm, 1700mm×2600mm×1300mm (L×W×H)

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