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Richpeace Computerized Cutting Machine For Automotive

  • Speed3.8m/min
  • Power5kW
  • Voltage3 Phase AC380V ±10%
Suitable for automatic cutting of car seats & steering wheels with heating parts. Integrates intel-visualization, automatic feeding & lamination, auto receiving, text labeling, heating wire cutting & fabric cutting in a whole. With high-frequency vibration knife and round knife cutting, cutting edges of material is clean and smooth.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Composed of Loading Platform + Lighting System + Industrial Camera Auto Identification System + Cutting System + Feeding & Receiving System.

2. Two gantries are each equipped with one industrial high-definition camera to take pictures, and identify the cutting materials from loading platform.

3. Lighting system provides stable light source for taking pictures.

4. Intelligent software program computes the data from two cameras captured images. Two cutters complete the cutting task at the same time;

5. Cutting system can store different products information,  software will auto finish the cutting task after intelligent recognition.

6. Feeding system delivers material with constant tension, and compatible with automatic film attachment, to ensure material with vacuum adsorption and fixed. Collecting system receiving cutting pieces, and scrap is separated automatically and rolled up.

Richpeace Computerized Cutting Machine For Automotive

Product Parameters
Model RPFP-NM-PD+DKC-1-800×1450-DGSF-P+CK+EVK-PG+AF+AR-3P380
Speed 3.8m/min
Power Supply 3 Phase AC380V ±10%
Power 5kW
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Online Consultant