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Richpeace Computerized Precise Flat Embroidery Machine

  • Speed 1000RPM
  • Size8696×2073×1650mm(L×W×H)
  • Power4.7kW
  • Voltage3 Phase 380V/50HZ
Richpeace Computerized Precise Flat Embroidery Machine Application:Trademark, fashion, curtains, bedspread, toys, decorations, craft art-work precision embroidery.
Product Video
Product Introduction

  • 906 series with elegant and compact machine structure,engaged in small working area but with good stability.

  • Large torsion, high frequency & precision performance Servo Motor which is well coordinated with Richpeace computer control system.

  • All bearings are equipped with NSK or other Japanese made brands.

  • Machine table is made by Lauan wood with highest quality and good abradability.

  • Additional device, such as sequin device, laser cutting device,tracing cording device and so on, can be added to increase the cost-effective.

Richpeace Computerized Precise Flat Embroidery Machine with Single Sequin Device and Tracing Cording Device 6 heads 9 needles( Made in the year of 2015)



Optional Device

single sequin device,dual sequin device,laser cutting device, tracing cording device,boring device,thicker thread device,looping device,single cording device.


High precision embroidery, trademark embroidery, logo embroidery, fashion industry, embroidery curtains, bedspread, toys, all kinds of embroidery decorations, craft art-work.


Product Parameters
Model RPCE-NM-FE-20-330(660+40)×750-B-F9-VR1-NA-3P380
Speed 1000RPM
Power Supply 3 Phase 380V/50HZ
Power 4.7kW
Specifications1-20 heads
Control Panel

5 inch LCD keypad screen or 10.4 inch LCD touch screen

Main Shaft DrivingServo Motor
Frame DrivingServo Motor
Head Distance(mm)6 needle 160,9 needle 200,12 needle 330
Speed ≤1000RPM
Trimming SystemMotorized driving
Online Consultant
Online Consultant