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Richpeace Automatic Multihead Rotating Perforation (special-hole) Machine

    Model : RPCE-L-SP-2-900×600-B-SP6-0-NA-1P220

  • Speed≤800 holes/min.
  • Power8.25kW
  • VoltageSingle Phase 220V/ Three Phase 380V
Suitable for punching process of car seat, foot pad, aeronautical seat, furniture, sport shoes, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather bag with perforation crafting work.
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Product Introduction

1. Suitable for punching process of different types and thickness of leather, microfiber leather and composite leather.

2. Adopts hollow punching tool bar, heavy puncher box with punch structure, strong punching power.

3. Each puncher box can be equipped with 6 types of puncher, puncher spec & shape can be customized. 

4. Puncher diameter must be within 5mm, all 6 punchers can be rotated at any angle according to the set patterns.

5. Single head, double heads and multi-head models are available, multiple heads work at the same time, higher productivity.

6. Speed of each puncher: max. 800 holes/min.

7. High power industrial vacuum cleaner, good cleaning effect.

8. Machine head has air suction feature, leather chippings are collected through the hollow bar, avoided chippings on the floor, keeping working environment clean.

9. Aluminum clamping frame special for leather, easy for installation, procedures changing and leather changing. Clamping frame is also suitable for purpose of sewing and embroidery works, convenient for multi-process combination and quantity production.

10. Richpeace self-develop design software, freely creative perforation patterns and arrangement



Product Parameters

Model : RPCE-L-SP-2-900×600-B-SP6-0-NA-1P220

Speed ≤800 holes/min.
Power Supply Single Phase 220V/ Three Phase 380V
Power 8.25kW
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Online Consultant