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Richpeace High speed tape making machine-mask earloop making

  • Speed2.5-3.0KG/day
  • Size1800*1500*1800MM
  • VoltageAC220v 50/60HZ
Mainly used to weave hollow tape, according to different specifications of needles, can weave each clock specification hollow tape.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1.Woven tape, hollow tape,mask tape, shoelaces, clothing accessories, etc.

2.Suitable for weaving materials: all kinds of chemical fiber, polyester, chinlon, spandex, sticky fiber,

fluor, polypropylene, aramid, etc.

3.Power saving: the machine is 220 V AC input, output to 24 volts to 8 servo computers, control 16 panels to drive 16 spindle needles; electricity consumption is 20~30% of ordinary machines.

4.switching power supply (24 V) is safer.

5.Microcomputer control is more accurate, less vibration, low noise

6.The output is 2-3 times that of ordinary machines.

7.Perfect machine design,compact structure , small footprint (length, width,height ,1800* 1500* 1800 MM)

8.Easy operating(16 needles head,each needle individual control, individual motor belt drive,automatic breakage stop,)

Product Parameters