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Richpeace High Speed Universal Cutting Machine

RPCQ-NM-CT-2500-3P380/ RPCQ-NM-CT-2800-3P380/ RPCQ-NM-CT-3200-3P380
For Home-textile products or similar textile products cutting.
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Product Introduction

1. Unique in the world, compatible with all brands multi-needle quilting machines. 

2. Cycle cutting synchronizes with the quilting machine.

3. Cutting Counter function. 

4. Automatic laser positioning, whether long distance or short. 

5. Auto cutting or Manual cutting can be selected. 

6. EU safety standard electrical control components. 

7. EU standard safety guarding system.

8. Automatic knife sharpening during edge cutting and cross cutting; Smoothly cross cutting, cycle control.

9. Laser calibrated sensors are more accurate.

10. Length position adjustment, automatic, fast and accurate. 

11. Conveyor and table can be adjusted up and down, to increase the rolling radius.

Product Parameters
Model RPCQ-NM-CT-2500-3P380/ RPCQ-NM-CT-2800-3P380/ RPCQ-NM-CT-3200-3P380
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Online Consultant