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Double Needles Adjustable Stitch Distance Universal Rotary Sewing Machine_Automotive

    RPAS-L-R-1-1200×800-A-FD-HR2.6-LH50, RH, UTC-1P220

  • Speed2000rpm (Material, thread, stitch length might vary the working speed)
Suitable for sewing heavy-duty materials with double threads stitching such as car seat & airbag, automotive interiors, furniture, home textiles, vessel & aviation, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Adjustable on the double needles distance, to achieve with multiple needles distance in single machine, save equipment investment.

2. Double needles machine head can rotate at any angle to track the sewing stitches, ensure the quality of double threads sewing stitches.

3. Machine head can be lifted up to 50mm. (customization is possible).

4. × 2.6 special thick material rotary hook. ensure nice stitches sewing, use of large capacity bobbin to reduce bobbin changing frequency and improve production efficiency.

5. Template in place detection function.

6. LCD touch screen display, clear display and convenient to operate.

7. Full servo motor control to ensure equipment control accuracy.

8. CNC presser foot to achieve stable sewing of step sewing.

9. With bottom thread usage software to realize prompt machine stop when need to replace bobbin thread.

10. 15-inch LCD touch screen, providing high-definition picture.

11. Stainless steel workbench top is durable and easy to clean.


Product Parameters

RPAS-L-R-1-1200×800-A-FD-HR2.6-LH50, RH, UTC-1P220

Speed 2000rpm (Material, thread, stitch length might vary the working speed)
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