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Richpeace 1cm Automatic Cutting Machine

  • Speed60m/min
  • Power16-25kW
  • Voltage220V/380V
ApplicationGarment, Luggage, light water proof fabric, non-woven fabric, surgical gown, Toy Industry etc.Applicable materialsKnitting fabric, Down jacket fabric, woven fabric, leather, non-woven fabric, sponge, kraft paper, rubber, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

  1. Independent research and development electronic safe and reliable.

  2. Cutting blade is made of diamond hardness stainlesssteel,equipped with automatic sharpening device.

  3. Cutting blade change cutting speed automatically,automatic side cut compensation,ensure quality of final markers.

  4. The automatic sharpening device performs blade sharpening automatically.

  5. The cutting head with cutting blade is specially designed, made by extraordinary stainless steel.

  6. Full protection shield system,can be,manually emergenly stopped\anytime.

  7. Segment adsorption and cutting,realize tailoring,pick up materials, materials with simultaneously,no cutting blind angle,there will be no cutting phenomenon.

  8. Meet the requirements of personalized clothing production, the compatibility with any clothing CAD software,high precision, long service life.

Product Parameters
Model RPAC-NM-MC1-1-2000x1600-FB-LH-P-3P380
Speed 60m/min
Power Supply 220V/380V
Power 16-25kW
                   Effective cutting area
                   Move speed of blade
                   Reciprocation frequency of blade
                   ≤4000 rpm
                   Power supply
                   Gas supply
                   Draught fan
                   Servo Motor
                   Control method
                   Laptop on Top, locomotorium on under, four-axis linkage
                   Cutting platform
                   Sectional type platform of bristle block
                   Sharpening method
                   One side sharpen blade
                   Blade head design
                   Special design prevent leaking oil
                   Clean system
                   Auto clean with stainless steel filter element
                   Cutting feature
                   Without cutting dead angle

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