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Richpeace Multiple Material Automatic Cutting Machine

  • Speed1000-4000rpm
Available for high-end customization, single cutting after measure and garments, shoes and has, furniture, home textile, advertisment ect.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. The only one HP certified partner in China.

2. The cutting thickness is less than 1cm or 6cm automatic cutting machine, but more than laser cutting machine. It applies to high level customize.

3. Using ink printing, pen printing, and three kinds of blades working integration mode.

4. Inkjet plus pen plus cutting (applicable to a variety of materials): Kraft paper cutting, Non-woven fabric cutting, Rubber material cutting, Knit with sponge fabric cutting, Felt fabric cutting ,Corrugated paper cutting, Leather fabric cutting ,Gray board paper ink printing and cutting, Knit fabric cutting

Product Parameters
Model RPFP-NM-ID+PD+SKC-1-1500×1800-SGSF-WC2+P+CK-AF-3P380
Speed 1000-4000rpm
Online Consultant
Online Consultant