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One push per period | Richpeace Automatic Perforation + Embroidery + Sewing(Turning Head) Machine


  Xiaobian today recommended for everyone that Fuyi rotary machine head embroidery sewing machine, mainly uses independent drive rotary head, can rotate 360 degrees, avoiding the difference between positive and negative stitches, achieving embroidery, sewing and punching in one. The flower pattern can be arbitrarily designed to easily realize the complicated process of arbitrarily matching punching, embroidering and sewing.


  1. Fully automatic computer program control, replacing one person and one machine working mode.

  2. Embroidery, sewing and perforation are integrated in one machine, computer controls perforation hole position, producing the wanted combination of pattern.

  3. Easy to learn and operate, no need a professional and skilled sewing machine operator, lower the reliance on skillful workers.

  4. Freely design pattern, easy to produce the complicated working process of the mix & match perforation, embroidering and sewing design pattern.

  5. Embroidery and sewing stitches have consistency performance, provided stable quality, lower the defective rate.

  6. High working speed and pattern accuracy.

  7. With automatic bobbin lubrication supply function, providing the perforation, embroidery and sewing machine head automatically oil supply.


  Car leather seats, foot pads, air seats, leather furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather clothing etc.