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The difference between single color quilting and embroidery and multi-color quilting embroidery machine - professional analysis

 multi-color quilting embroidery machine

  1. "Different births"

  (1) Due to the continuous pursuit of embroidery efficiency in the market, design and development personnel have developed embroidery machines with embroidery machines and multi-needle machine technology. Solved the problem of continuous embroidery rolls. The technology has matured in Korea, the first is a multi-color embroidery machine; history is about twenty years.

  (2) Multi-color quilting embroidery machines have been on the market for many years. Until later, many users did not need multi-color embroidery, single-color can also. The single-color embroidery machine came into being and has a domestic history of nearly ten years; the technology and application have matured in China. There are still embroidery machine manufacturers in Korea, but their market share is very low.

  2. The actual application is different

  (1) Multi-color quilting embroidery machine, mainly for customers who want multi-color embroidery products; at present, home textile applications are very common, such as summer cool quilt, bed cover LOGO, screen window embroidery products; actual embroidery does not require the precision of embroidery machine . Of course, multi-color embroidery machines can do many single-color products when applying stitch lengths.

  (2) Single-color quilting embroidery machine, no multi-color is required; one of the main features on the market is that the stitch length is small, mainly three-inch and two-inch models. Due to the small stitch length, some multi-color embroidery machine patterns can be combined to increase efficiency. Many home interior mats, steering wheel covers, seat covers, and luggage mats come from single-color quilting embroidery machines.

  (3) For the end users of Richpeace, the products made with quilting embroidery machines are: bags, cotton, thin quilts, bedside LOGO, car interiors and clothing.

  3. The user's demand for the product is different

  (1) Select the embroidery machine, quilting embroidery machine and multi-needle shuttle machine; this depends on the actual application needs of the user.

  (2) The quilting embroidery machine can be used for thin quilts and cotton clothes; the quilting embroidery machine can also be used with high precision and high efficiency.

  However, on the pattern, there are still some parts of the quilting embroidery machine that cannot replace the multi-needle shuttle.

  (3) The quilting embroidery machine can embroider, especially in the continuous embroidery of the roll; but the precision is not as good as the embroidery machine.

  4. The configuration is different

  Single-color quilting and embroidery machine: single-color, manual refueling, no need to trim.

  Multi-color quilting embroidery machine: multi-color, atomized and oiled, with thread trimming, can add a variety of additional devices.

  5. The stitch length is different

  single-color quilting and embroidery machine: The minimum stitch length is 50.8mm, single-head double-needle structure.

  Multi-color quilting and embroidery machine: minimum embroidery length: 135mm single-head multi-needle embroidery structure.

  6. Different models

  single-color model: Includes three single-row stitch models with adjacent distances of 50.8mm, 67.5mm and 76.2mm.

  single-color double-row models: including 50.8mm, 76.2mm two adjacent pitch models.

  Multi-color model: It can be any head-to-head model as small as 135mm, which can be used for highlighting, tracking rope embroidery, winding embroidery and other combinations.