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Richpeace SuperNest Software

  About Richpeace's garment software, We all know that V10 is currently the highest version. The general garment company will put the marker into production after the end of the make pattern, and the length of the marker determines the cost of the raw materials. So I will introduce a cost-saving marker software - Richpeace Supernest Software.

Richpeace SuperNest Software

  The Supernest system can automatically complete a marker in a short time, and the utilization rate can reach or exceed the manual marker. Richpeace's new supernest adopts a new calculation method, which has the advantage of high speed, short time-consuming and high utilization rate. It only takes 5-8 minutes to marking a cutting leather pattern, which is more than 20 times faster than the human-machine. Only need to simply set the marking time and fabric utilization parameters, the computer can perform hundreds of thousands or even millions of global calculations in a short time, and choose a solution of saving fabric.

  Richpeace Supernest Software also can prevent color shading, bundling, high and low bed marker, and you can do other things while in the process of fixing the pattern automatically marking, saving time and improving work efficiency. During the supernest process, it is allowed to set the rotation and flip, tilt and repeat the overlap according to different fabrics. Can be used for folding and rolling fabric. There hasn’t limit with the number of pattern. The operation is simple and easy to use, the general clerk can operate, the technical level is not high, just a little understanding of the computer, learning for a few hours can get started.

  The function is as follows:

  1. support a variety of machine data format, you can export HPGL files to various types of machines.

  2. Solved the problem of make pattern and marking Subject, flower direction, Hair direction, cylinder open edge, segment print, color shading, etc.

  3. The special treatment of Bundled, fixed, combined, shaked of the pattern in the work area, it can make the pattern more compact and the Fabric utilization is higher.

  4. powerful prevent color shading function can be based on the color difference characteristics of the fabric to marker, solve the problem of fabric color shading with marker Troubled (horizontal, vertical, mixed to prevent color shading).