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The perfect combination of sewing and laser technology.

  The perfect combination of sewing and laser technology.

  China is a big country with 1.3 billion people. It is the largest consumer and producer of clothing in the world. One of every three pieces of clothing around the world is produced in China. And China as one of the world's largest clothing consumer market, The new middle class, represented by the post-90s generation, is becoming the main consuming force of the era., eat satisfied and wear warm is not this generation of consumer demand.

sewing and laser technology

  The younger and more individualized characteristics of consumers are becoming more and more obvious, the clothing of personalized vogue, stereo cut has become the mainstream of The Times. Richpeace automatic sewing(+laser) machine, Realize sewing and cutting process in one machine, to meet customer's individuality and diversified design requirements.

automatic sewing(+laser) machine

  Richpeace automatic sewing(+laser) machine


  Max. Sewing area 1200*800mm

  Max. Cutting Area:1085*735mm

  Standard Normal Rotary Hook

  Max. sewing Speed :2500r/min

  Anti-drilling technology.

  Storage space 32M

  Four - pattern cycle function

  Bottom line counting function (counting by length and counting by pieces)

  Flexible and can be lifted the press foot of machine head .

  Automatic oil supply for head and hook shaft

  Laser Tube power :100W

  Barometric protection

  Barcode Identification

  Template in place detection