Automatic computer cutting machine



Suitable for woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, leather fabrics, non-woven fabrics, denim fabrics and flexible fabrics such as polyester and nylon.

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Product Introduction

  1. Machine cutter head is adopted with entire aluminum die casting structure, no oil lubrication required that make no risk on fabric staining.

  2. Cutter head critical driving parts having special treatment, that is to increase the durability, lengthen the life-time, and lower the running cost.

  3. Intelligent cutter with intelligent speed control, automatic compensation of side stress to ensure the perfect quality of the cutting pieces.

  4. Diamond grinding stone automatic sharpen device, automatic sharpen cutter and intelligent control its wear & tear level, keep the cutter sharp and longer the life-time.

  5. Self-developed with intellectual property computer control system, able to preset cutting parameters, directly connecting to computer is possible, or operation with out computer connected.

  6. Real-time cutting control features, real-time tracing and display the cutting, alert with diagnosis.

  7. Automatic frame by frame cutting continuously, able to cut any length cutting pieces.

  8. The conveyor automatic unloading system, automatically detect the finished cut pieces will be sent to cutting machine material collection table.

  9. Vacuum pump is programable and frequency controlled to ensure sufficient vacuum suction for the cutting, while fulfilling the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

  10. Multi-directions safety protection device, can be controlled to stop manually at any time.

  Yaskawa control system: Yaskawa control system with five-axis linkage ensures high speed, high precision and high stability of cutting.

  Cutting head structure: Cutting head is made by aluminum die casting structure, to ensure stability on high speed running.

  Automatic sharpening system: Diamond grinding stone automatic sharpen device, auto-sharpen cutter and intelligent control its wear & tear level, keep the cutter sharp & longer the life-time.

  Full closed loop air pressure control system: Intelligent control of the full-closed air compression system ensures effective energy saving and noise reduction while maintaining pressure.

  Overall frame structure: The whole frame is welded and finished in one machine to ensure high precision of cutting.

  Overall driving system: The driving mechanism adopts international brand servo motors and speed reducer, with the compilation of gear wheel and belt, to ensure machine precision running.

Automatic computer cutting machine