[Supporting] Continuous working Structure(Material Feeding – Clamping – Quilting -Cutting)

Material Feeding, Clamping, Quilting and Cutting in one machine,which in the real sense realized working automatically.

[Supporting] Imported Table

Machine table is made by LAUAN wood to ensure highest quality to meet the good abradability performance.

[Supporting] Machine Speed: 2500rpm-3000rpm

Lifting sewing head S50 enables this machine to work at high speed up to 3000rpm. Mass production working speed of S50 head is 2600-2700rpm

And M70 fixed head for extra thick material for option with maximum working speed 2000prm and thickness 70mm in Maximum and bigger rotary hook for more bobbin thread.

Stable and precise quilting at high speed

[Supporting] Automatic Thread Cutter

Stable and reliable movable knife cutting system.

Cut upper thread and bobbin thread automatically for jump pattern.

[Supporting] Walking Presser Foot

Walking Presser foot technology, press material tightly before needle point piercing into fabric.

Ensure the best stitch quality and pattern precision.

Suitable for heavy material quilting.

[Supporting] Yarn Breakage Detection

Taiwan Hiwin Linear Guideway for machine head, hook case, and bridge linear motion smoothly at high speed

Achieve high precision and greatly enhanced needle and hook moving accuracy. Ensure stable and quiet and long life work at high speed running condition.

High rigidity guideway blocks offer equal load and self-align to absorb installation error, offer high quality stitch pattern in any shape, angles, size and stitch in any direction.

[Supporting] 5 Panasonic Servo Motors

All machine movement are driven by 5 pieces of Panasonic Servo Motors, which provide powerful and accurate driving force.

Head & hook case moving, Bridge moving by servo motors;

Needle sewing and Hook rotary driven by 2 separated servo motor and synchronizing by the computer control system, maximum the working area up to 2.3x2.5meters, with high precision at any point of the quilting area.

Electronic synchronize head and hook set working principle avoid the disadvantages of mechanic wearing, keep machine stitch precise after long working time.

[Supporting] IGUS Cable Carrier

German IGUS energy chains for head and hook case move, bridge move and head up/down

IGUS singal cable for main data transfer.

As a flexible and durable protection for computer wires, it offers stable working, and prolong cable life span.

[Supporting] Driving Belt

Italy made MAGADYNE brand Belt for head, bridge and hook case moving.

High strength steel cords inside the belt, top flexibility and low elongation.

BANDO Japan made Belt for motor or needle, hook driving.

Quality Belts with high levels of wear resistance, better strength, precision drive, noiseless and long working life.

[Supporting] Quality Bearing

Quality NSK Bearing made in Japan is equipped for whole machine

All Bearing holders are FYH Japan made.

With super precision, long life span and anti-wearing, it increases the reliability and durability of the machine.

[Supporting] Pneumatic Parts

SMC Japan filter, flow and pressure control, fitting and air tubes.

Airtac brand air valves and tubes .

Automatic alarming function: in case air pressure is lower than safety level, this function will be activated to show it on the computer screen and to stop working for maintenance.

[Supporting] 100% Original Hooks from Japan

Imported Koban Rotary Hook set originally made in Japan.

With it’s Jumbo size, it contains more thread, no need to change bobbin thread frequently.

Original Tower Bobbin made in Japan.

[Supporting] Atomization Lubrication

SMC Oil Atomizer Lubrication System programs lubrication time to realize oiling automatically for quilting head, or to do it manually by pressing key.

Coating parts of the machine by a mist of oil, Automatic Oiling System enables the machine to work more smoothly at high speed in a continuous working condition.

Avoid pollution to the fabric by oil drops from liquid or grease oiling system.

With transparent bowl guard, allowing 360°monitoring oil level.

[Supporting] Cross Cutter

Driven by 3 pieces of Triple-phase asynchronous motors from SITI Italy. Accurate, stable durable and has good speed control.

One for delivering material, the second one for moving blade from one side to the other side, and the third one for Cutting.

[Supporting] MaterialLoadingDevices

Rollers of Loading Devices, which are driven by one Triple-phase asynchronous motor.

The structure and operating way of these 2 rollers for loading device is as same as the one in that for cutting.

Installed with 2 Triple-phase asynchronous motors from SITI Italy brand of same model, the 4 rollers will work at the same speed steadily, avoid of any deformation due to material pulled or moved just by one motor.

The 2 rollers for moving material to cutting box. Upper one driven by pneumatic cylinder, the position of It can be adjusted according to the thickness of different materials. And the lower one is driven by motor for moving materials.

[Supporting] Reliable Components

All components are supplied by famous international brands, reliable and top quality standard.

Omron Brand approaching switches,protect working safty. DATASENSOR Germany Sensors.

Schneider brand electronic parts & switches.

Delta PLC, transformer and interface.

[Supporting] Untiwear Design

This design offers a gap between Hook and Needle to avoid friction between them so as to prolong the life span of needle.

[Supporting] 15.0” Computer

15.0 inches Touch screen computer, user friendly.

New V30 computer Control system provides more simple and convenient operation.

[Supporting] USB Pattern Transfer

1.Free software of Richpeace for pattern design in English version.

2. Saving Pattern file in USB Drive.

3. Plugging it in USB interface on left side of control cabinet.

3. Richpeace computer system will read the pattern file for quilting.

[Supporting] Adjustable Supporting Roller

The length of rollers can be adjusted according to width of quilting area.

Supporting materials from the back side avoid of deformation of some special materials due to weight.

[Supporting] Clamping device

Clampers are driven by Pneumatic cylinders on each side to fasten material on the frame for quilting with high accuracy.

Supporting materials from the back side avoid of deformation of some special materials due to weight.

Size of the Clampers for standard models: Length equals to or above that of quilting in Y direction. Width is 100mm on each side in X quilting direction. The width of the material clamped varies from 50-100mm on each side.

[Supporting] Moving Speed of saddletree during quilting

Moving Speed of saddletree during quilting in Max.:When speed of quilting is 3000rpm, stitch length is 6mm, the speed of saddletree moving in Y direction is 300mm/minute.

Moving Speed of saddletree during quilting in Min.:When speed of quilting is 500pxm, stitch length is 2mm, the speed of saddletree moving in Y direction is 17mm/minute.

[Supporting] Moving Speed of saddletree during idle running

Moving Speed of saddletree during idle running is 300mm/minute.

[Supporting] Safety Protection

This Material Infrared devices in 4 positions of the machine increases safety factor for workers (option).

Working area protection from two sides of the machine.

[Supporting] Two different material Feeding Devices for different installation space requirements

This Material Feeding Device need more Installation space in your factory.

This Material Feeding Device will save about 2 meters for installation.

[Supporting] Fixed Head for Extra Heavy Material M70

[Supporting] Automatic Vertical

This Material 2 Vertical cutters installed on each side of the machine.

2 Vertical cutters installed on each side of the machine.

Cutting 2 sides of the material after quilting.

[Supporting] Automatic Bobbin Winder

Wind or re-wind bobbin thread automatically, labor saving.

[Supporting] Material Supporting Straps

Supporting materials from the back side avoid of deformation of some special materials due to weight.

[Supporting] Dual Quilting Heads

2 Heads are more productive than one head, Each sewing head is driven by one independent servo motor.

The space between the 2 saddletrees can be adjusted within a certain working area.

The first quilting head marked in red above can work independently, and the other one behind it stands still.