[Supporting] Automatic Feeding System,Higher Working Efficiency

Automatic feeding platform for big size of cloth can meet the demand for feeding and processing of the entire roll of fabric, Dual vacuum cabinet adsorption system. Feeding accuracy up to ±1mm, which helps enterprises increase production efficiency.

Crawler work platform easier to release fabric roller, smoothly and stable moving the fabric to the cutting platform

Automatically rectify a deviation system that avoids the fabric roller not in line at beginning, the shelf could be moveable when continually feed fabric.

[Supporting] Constant Laser Beam, Consistent Cut

onstant laser beam ensures consistent cut on different positions during large area cutting.

[Supporting] Linear Guide Rail

The motion in X & Y –axis is guided by linear guide rail HIWIN brand from Taiwan

Hiwin Liner guide rail is tiny and light weight design is suitable for miniature equipment. All materials are special grade of stainless steel and alloy steel for anti-corrosion ability

[Supporting] SynchronousBelt

Italy made MEGADYNE brand Belt for movement at X and Y-AXIS.

High strength steel cords inside the belt, top flexibility and low elongation.

Quality Belts with high levels of wear resistance, better strength, precision drive, noiseless and long working life.

[Supporting] Energy Chain Belt

X / Y Axis drag energy chain belt.

Brand name: IGUS made in Germany.

[Supporting] Motor and Driver

Highest Precision Domestic 3-phase servo motor and stepper motor.

Highest power coupling connect with strength motor to be sure movement in high precision and stable.

[Supporting] Stainless Steel Mesh Belt

All machine movement are driven by Servo Motors, which provide powerful and accurate driving force.

[Supporting] Motorized Cutting System

Full Hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube, an encapsulated glass tube structure.

Two available types – normal glass tube and enhanced glass tube.

Different shelf life of laser tube – a) 4000 working hours for normal glass tube.

8000-10000 working hours for enhanced glass tube.

The more power, the more strength of laser and the faster cutting speed.

The more power, the more strength of laser and the faster cutting speed Optional :Laser Power: 60W / 80W / 100W / 130W / 150W depend on cutting material type .

[Supporting] Laser Power Supply

Laser Power supply: equipped according to the power model of laser tube. 60W / 80W / 100W / 130W / 150W.

If the purchased laser cutting machine needs replacing bigger laser power, change to the same bigger power of both laser tube and laser power supply is a must.

[Supporting] Laser Optical System

Laser optical system is composed of 3 refractors and 1 focus lamp, all of which work jointly to make laser emit.

1 Refractor is equipped at the emitting exit, namely the upper left corner of the machine;

2 Refractor is located on the left side of the crossbeam;

Refractor is on the top of the fixed part of laser head; Focus lamp is in the adjustable tube located in the lower part of laser head;

Laser is refracted and focused through the above lens before emits from the laser head.

[Supporting] Intelligent Temperature, More Eco-friendly

Water chiller CW5000 has two working models, namely constant temperature and intelligent temperature, whose temperature tolerance 0.3 degrees centigrade more or less.

Moreover, the laser water chiller is compact and moveable, with the advanced functions of Input / output control device switch and the cooling water flow rate as well as high / low temperature alarm.

Among refrigerating industrial water chillers, the brand S&A water chiller performs more stably and better than other similar ones, more eco-friendly.

Automatic Intelligent Temperature Control: according to different environments, suitable temperature is automatically switched no need of hand operation.

[Supporting] Smoke Exhaust Device

The upper and lower smoke exhaust device, Richpeace’s own patent, effectively and powerfully eliminates the smoke caused by cutting materials. Meanwhile, the lower smoke exhaust plays an important role in sorption and flare out of fabric.

Lower smoke exhaust system, 2 sets of 1500W medium-pressure centrifugal fans

Moveable upper air suction system 450w medium-pressure centrifugal faN.

[Supporting] Air Pressure Device

Micro air compressor: to blow the wind out flame caused during cutting.

Avoid the yellow edge especial white fabric.

Brand name: HAILEA

[Supporting] Time&CostSavingHigherEfficiency

Richpeace laser cutting machine has perfect performance, higher cutting precision and a rapid speed.

Integrating laser plotting, precise feeding and continuous cutting for super big size fabric into one machine.

4 TIMES Efficiency than traditional cutting way

[Supporting] High Precision & Speed

Richpeace Laser Cutting Machine meets the demand of cutting big size fabric, adopting the machine-level chassis with steady and solid feature to ensure the stability and precision at the rapid speed.

[Supporting] Compatible Software Artwork Output

Software can be well matched with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Richpeace Garment CAD, etc., implementing the artwork output of the engraving graphic without any format transformation.

When has contacted with laser machine, could control machine moving and cutting at same time . You can draw any design in the software, edit image and pattern, save as and download file as OUT, laser machine identify final file .

Support optional language as Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Portuguese.

[Supporting] Multi-image Format

Support images format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PLT, CDR,DMG,DXF, DST.

With Super pattern software, can output long files one time, automatic segmentation cutting.

[OPTION] Infraredlamp

Infrared lamp in X & Y axis easier to check if fabric has been out of the line, the operator could figure out and move.

[OPTION] Double Heads

Available equipped with double laser heads, improves double cutting efficiency, double times processing speed, high utilization rate on material .

[OPTION] Camera-Oriented System – Big area

Detection of printed fabrics directly from rolls, without any preparation. High precision detection.

Fully automatic process, without manual intervention.

Large format flying recognition Once frame area : 1600x1000mm for scanning an entire cutting area.

Perfect cutting complex graphics. For the fine and detailed graphics, the software can extract the original graphics according to the position of registration marks and then cutting.

Good at cutting stretch fabrics. Cutting edge is clean, soft, smooth, automatic sealing.

Vision system is equipped with high quality camera canon brand, LED lamp, control cabinet and encoder, ensuring the stability of the vision system.

[OPTION] Camera-Oriented System-Embroidery logo

Camera frame rate is as high as 25frame/second, no stay with fast response.

Easy installation and adjustment on camera, which can start work at once after one time correction.

Automatically search, make sure no miss on cutting pattern.

It is suitable for various embroidery or printed label .

Compared with old cutting way , no limited by pattern design, available perform precision cutting on any complicate pattern.