[Supporting] 906 Machine Structure

906 series with elegant and compact machine structure, engage small working area but with good stability.

[Supporting] Imported Table

Machine table is made by LAUAN wood to ensure highest quality to meet the good abradability performance.

[Supporting] Machine Up to Speed: 1000rpm

Double Cam System Arm base with double cam driven, reduce the noise for quiet working environment, machine max. working speed can up to 1000rpm.

[Supporting] Imported Bearings

All Bearings are equipped with NSK or other Japanese made products.

[Supporting] Large Torsion

Large torsion, high frequency & precision performance Servo Motor which is well coordinated with Richpeace computer control system.

[Supporting] Yarn Breakage Detection

Stable upper & lower thread breakage detection is available even at high-speed operation.

[Grouped] Servo Motors

All machine movement are driven by Servo Motors, which provide powerful and accurate driving force.

[Grouped] Motorized Cutting System

More efficient, quiet thread cutting & it improves the quality of finished products as well as productivity

[Grouped] Frames By Linear Guide Rail

Linear guide rail assures more accurate frame driving with low noise & more delicate embroidery.

[Grouped] Color Change By Linear Guide Rail

QEnsures accurate, fast running process & easier maintenance

[Grouped] Anti-Vibration Device

Reduce the machine vibration during working to improve machine performance.

[Grouped] Compatible With Tajima

Main components are compatible with Tajima TMFD series.

[Supporting] Computer With USB Port, Lan Port, Wifi Function

10.4 inches Touching screen computer, and 5.7 inches Keypad computer, user friendly.

Easier and simplify operation, reliable computer control system.

[OPTION] Tracing Cording Device

The Tracing Cording Device is a special device for various Cording embroidery from thin to thick. Any kinds of pattern are possible to be made by this device.

[OPTION] Single Sequin Device

Single sequin device available size is 3-9mm, create fantastic sequin work add extra value to embroidery machine, exceptional precision and high productivity.

It can be made Left-side Single/Right-side Single/Double-side Single Sequin Device.

[OPTION] Dual Sequin Device

Dual sequin device available size is 3-9mm,creat special sequin effect such as two size overlap, alternation sequin embroidery, etc.

It can be made Left-side twin/Right-side Twin/Double-side Twin Sequin Device.

[OPTION] Large Sequin Device

Embroider large size sequins from 10mm to 25mm.

[OPTION] Laser Cutting Device

Laser Cutting Device, High precision, fast cutting, smooth cut-edge, long lifetime, widely used in leather, trademarks, badges, plush toys and lace etc.

[OPTION] Simple Cording Device

imple Cording Device , Can be applied to all flat embroidery machine, 6 nip size available for thin or thick cord, simple and low cost.

[OPTION] Looping Device

Looping work has a strong 3-dimensional and colorful effect, it is widely used on the clothing, upholstery, ladies shoes etc.

[OPTION] Boring Device

To make hole on fabric, create delicate and intricate hollowed-out effects plus embroidery on border.

[OPTION] Thicker Thread Device

Intelligent beads device can be applied to all flat embroidery machine and can be special customer made.

[OPTION] Intelligent Beads Device

ntelligent beads device can be applied to all flat embroidery machine and can be special customer made.