[Supporting] Ink Printing And Pen Drawing In One Machine

HP45 cartridges to ensure the use rate is high and out the ink smooth, can be used in long time and protect the machine running well.

Pen has three types: marker, ballpoint, oil

Ink and pen install in one machine to meet different requirements from customers. Solving the issues with more functions need more machines, save the cost.

[Supporting] Three type blades Assembly

According to different requirements of the cutting to choose different types blade (round, vibration and level).

The blade can have combination with ink and pen arbitrarily.

Providing the solutions of more possibilities in one machine.

[Supporting] Round Blade Assembly

Max. Cutting thickness: 2mm.

Max. blade speed: 10000 rpm.

Suitable for single layer soft and thin materials, such as non-woven fabric, general knitting and woven fabric and sticky lining, etc.

[Supporting] Friendly keypad panel

After setting the parameters in the computer, the machine can be run easily with feel keyboards.

The keypad panel with thin film switch, it can protect the word well and let the customer operate the machine rightly.

[Supporting] Safety Sensor Emergency Stop

There are four red emergency stop buttons (one side has one pc) to protect the operator and others when face with any sudden situations all round.

After pressing the button, the machine can stop at once.

In addition, there are still four protect boards on the movable line, those boards with spring, when anybody touch and press it, the machine will be stop directly to protect the human.

After emergency stop, machine can run continuously, no need work from start point.

[Supporting] Pneumatic System

Easy to operation, stable and the fixed strength can be adjustable.

SMC Japan air cylinder.

[Supporting] Quality Timing Belt

Quality MEGADYNE timing belt with strong resistance to wear and tear.

Maintain good operating capability in high load transmission

Good quality with long use age.

[Supporting] Conveyor Belt

Imported quality breathability and wearable fabric to insure the long use age and insure the vacuum adsorption average, not like the felt.

[Supporting] Motorized Cutting System

German IGUS energy chains for head and hook case move, bridge move and head up/down.

IGUS singal cable for main data transfer.

Flexible and durable protect computer wires offer stable working, prolong cable life span.

[Supporting] Separate suction vacuum area

Separate suction vacuum area provides the best solutions for fixing the fabric and ensure the position can’t be change.

This vacuum area is good at the small size cutting with high precision.

[Supporting] Color Change By Linear Guide Rail

High precision: Overcome the step motor out of step problems.

Stable: Low-speed operation is smooth and will not like step motor’s stepping running. Suitable for high-speed requirements occasion.

Timeliness: The dynamic response time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, usually within tens of milliseconds.

Comfort: Heat and noise reduced obviously.

[Supporting] Quality Bearing

Quality NSK Bearing made in Japan is equipped for whole machine.

Super precision, long-life use and anti-wearing. Increase the machine reliability and durability.

[Supporting] Reliable Components

All components are supplied by famous international brands, reliable and top quality standard.

Omron Brand Sensors.

Schneider brand switches to protect the safety of human.

[Supporting] Feeding Fabric Device

Equipped with standard feeding fabric device, let the fabric can input the machine easily and save the time.

Can use the materials continuously and enhance the efficiency of the materials.

[OPTION] Level Blade Assembly

Max. Cutting thickness: 4mm.

Suitable for KT board, white paper board, gray paper board and cardboard template, etc.

[OPTION] Single Sequin Device

Max. Cutting thickness: 8mm.

Max. blade speed: 18000 rpm.

Suitable for multi-layers breathable fabric, such as non-woven fabric, cotton and linen blended fabrics and single layer leather, rubber, felt cotton and corrugated paper, etc.

[OPTION] Automatic Feeding Materials Device

Automatic feeding materials device is suitable for the heavy fabric.

After putting the fabric in the device, no need to do more work, continuously feeding.

[OPTION] Air Pump

Especially for institutions to use, this part is necessary.

This part provide the atmospheric presser for vacuum adsorption and open pneumatic system.