Richpeace Automatic Spreading Machine


Application:Toys,Case,Automotive Upholstery,Medical Supplies,Gowns available for woven,Knitting,Denim Down Jacket Fabrics etc.

Product Video

Product Introduction

  1. Digital LCD touch screen, free to set the spreading length, number of plies, the speed and the spreading method.

  2. With the remote control tools, able to Start, Stop, Feed and Take-up of the fabric spreading, the machine can be Pause to stop within remotely 30 meters.

  3. Intelligent cutting device: intelligent adjustable cutting system, knife can be loaded and unloaded simply. The self-sharpening function could improve the cutting performance.

  4. Elegant streamlined outlook, reduce air resistance, lower noise level and less vibration.

  5. The high-sensitivity sensor automatically senses people and obstacles within 0.5 meters, protecting the safety of the machine and the operator, and ensuring that the cloth edges are aligned.

  6. Machine power on will detect the start position, once fabric roll used up, it returns to the starting point, then switch off the edge alignment function automatically, and wait for loading a new roll of fabric.

  7. Power failure occurs during the spreading process, the preset spreading data can stay in after resume of the machine. Finding the starting position and keep on the spreading process.

  8. Emergency Stop happened, fabric will be released and not being dragged to make any distortion.

  9. As the fabric is stacked to increase the height of folds, the cutting device would be lifted accordingly.

  10. With auto edge alignment feature and number of layers counter

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