Sewing Machine


Richpeace Single Head Automatic Sewing Machine for Light Material


Application: Garment (collar, flap, cuff, front fly, zipper and etc.), down jacket, winter clothes sewing, cushion cover home textile sewing production.


Richpeace Automatic Single Needle Universal Rotating Sewing Machine-Special For Leather


Applicable for car seats, airbags, automotive interiors, furniture, home textiles, ships, aviation and other single-thread thick sewing.


Richpeace Automatic Large Area Bar Tacking Machine (Two Heads)


Application: Sewing circle or any other reinforcement pattern, suitable for process automation production of various indoor/outdoor products such as mattresses, furniture, soft packs, chair cushions, recliner mats, and pet mats.


RichpeaceAutomatic Four-head Sewing Machine - Leather Special


Applicable to car seats, interiors, door panels; child safety seats, stroller seats; furniture soft bags, carpets, floor mats; clothing, bags and other leather sewing.


Richpeace Automatic Double heads Double Colors Sewing Machine


Applied to the armrest of car door board, sewing on the armrest box and car seat cover, etc.


Richpeace Large Format 360°Rotating Sewing Machine


Used for flexible fabric sewing soft bag, sofa,chair,car seat,floor mat, garment etc.


Richpeace Automatic 360-Degree Rotating Single Needle Sewing Machine


Application: pillowcase, baby quilt, microwave oven gloves, cushion cover and other small size textiles.