Sewing Machine


Richpeace Automatic Precision Large size Sewing Machine for Light duty material


Application: Suitable for high quality produce requirement in down filled quilt, cotton quilt, silk quilt. etc.


Richpeace Single Head Automatic Sewing Machine for Light Material


Application: Garment (collar, flap, cuff, front fly, zipper and etc.), down jacket, winter clothes sewing, cushion cover home textile sewing production.


Richpeace Automatic Single Head Sewing Machine (Extra Heavy Materials)


Application: Cargo lashings, safety harnesses, heavy lifting equipment, pipe slings, body armor, heavy duty equestrian harnesses and various super heavy and tough material sewing.


Richpeace Twin Color Automatic Sewing Machine


Application: Apply to all kinds of products which require dual color sewing stitch, such as: Jean pocket, decorative, car upholstery etc.


Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine with Cutting Station


Application: Auto sewing+ Auto cutting, used for car sun visor, stuffed toy, garment parts like collar, pocket, cover with cutting required.


Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine with Laser Cut


Application: Auto sewing+ Auto Laser cutting, used for car sun visor, stuffed toy, garment parts like collar, pocket, cover with cutting required.


Richpeace Automatic CNC Sewing Machine


Application: Automobile seat pre-sewing, cushion overlap sewing, shoes and hat overlap sewing, garment and bedding overlock sewing, jeans and pant edges seam sewing.