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Richpeace Two Heads Automatic Sewing Machine (Heavy Material)

Equipment can be applied to car seat, 3D car seat, the stroller seat (cushion), child safety seats, seat cushions; sofas, upholstered furniture, and other thick material or luggage, handbags, shoes and other leather sewing.


  • Working speed: 500-1200 rpm.

  • Two heads sewing at same time, double production and higher efficiency.

  • Strong machine structure, guarantee pattern precision.

  • Sewing head can lift up to 50mm.

  • Open type pneumatic clamping system, driven by air cylinders.

  • Adopt powerful motor, ensure sewing smoothly on thick and heavy material.

  • Equipped with Jumbo / triple size rotary hook for thicker thread sewing, reduce frequency of bobbin change, improve productivity.

  • Any head can be switch on or off according to production requirement.

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