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Richpeace Non-Stop Automatic Sewing Machine

Suitable to sew fabric and leather product, like doen jacket, cotton clothes, shirts, childern's wear, bags, automotive interior, upholstery, toys etc.


Richpeace Non-Stop Automatic sewing machine is a new type of computer numerical control machine. Richpeace is the fourth generation of a new member of the sewing machine, integrated plate making use of garment CAD software, electronic control systems and computer embroidery, quilting and other computer technology, low carbon environmental protection equipment. "Non-Stop Automatic" before sewing machine with no downtime to do to prepare.
it is divided into A / B two jobs countertops, alternately run. When A work area during sewing, B is doing the work area shop materials preparation, A \ B two operation area independently of each other. One person operation, without increasing staff. Non-stop, continuous seam, the machine running at full capacity, productivity doubled!
It applies to all types of automatic sewing cotton, down jackets, clothing parts, furniture, home textiles, toys, outdoor goods, luggage, footwear, automotive interior products. Can automatic completion flat seam, zigzag stitch, sew a variety of stylish and edge effects of the sewing pattern. Beautiful stitch effect, doubling the speed, high efficiency of sewing, garment processing enterprises for the bulk of the sewing operation.

  • Working speed: 2500 rpm.

  • Sewing head independently liftable up to 50mm.

  • Sewing head and Hook case move on X-axis with ball screw drive, ensure high precision, stable and reliable.

  • Two independent working area A/B shift without machine stop or joint A & B working area together being a super large sewing area.

  • Able to be equipped with down-proof mechanism, avoid down leakage during sewing.

  • Large storage capacity, save 2 million stitches.

  • Bobbin thread counter enable to provide bobbin thread capacity alert by bobbin thread consumption or number of sewing pieces made.

  • Four design patterns circulate function: support four patterns to be automatic switchable.

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