Quilting Machine


Richpeace Single Needle Quilting Machine with Rotary-Up Head


This machine is widely used for producing all kinds of bedding products, such as: bed quilts, comforters, bed cover, bed mat, sleeping bags, mattress cover, sofa cover etc.


Richpeace Dual Needle Row Quilting & Embroidery Machine


Roll to roll quilting apply for garment, winter coat, jacket quilting, quilts, bed cover, leather upholstery, furniture cover, etc.


Richpeace Computerized Single-color Dual Rolls Quilting & Embroidery Machine


Application: bed cover, pillow cover, seat cover, handbag,etc


Computerized Double Saddle Quiliting Machine


Application:Suitable for the single head quilting patterns of Mattress, Duvet, blanket, mattress protector