Richpeace Magic Inkjet Plotter


It can be both front and back feed, suitable for many paper types. So it improves the production efficiency a lot.

Product Video

Product Introduction

Servo control system, improve printing precision, and extend machine service life. Simple installation and operation. 

  • Stable high speed printing, top speed is 140 ㎡ / h. Maximum print width is 3.2 meters, meets the demand of any garment and home textile production.

  • It can be both front and back feed, and it is suitable for a variety of paper.

  • Using HP45 cartridge, easy to change and cheap price.

  • Servo control system to improve printing accuracy.

  • Automatic alarm when the card paper or paper is used up.

  • Uninterrupted work, especially suitable for drawing for a long time .

  • Improved ink system works stable, it guarantees excellent drawing quality, and reduces printing cost.