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  • HamburgMesse AIX(AircraftInteriors Expo)

  • Time:2017-04-04~2017-04-06

  • Location:HamburgMesse

  • Position Number:2U16

Hamburg  International Aircraft Interior Exhibition is the world's largest  aircraft interior industry exhibition, the aircraft interior industry  leader in the global market. The latest aircraft interior  design, recreational facilities during the flight, communications and  passenger services will be displayed at the show. At the same time, the exhibition will be held at the same time.

The  exhibition brings together a large number of well-known airlines in  Europe and internationally, the top suppliers and professionals in the aircraft interior industry, providing a valuable exchange opportunity  for the global aircraft interior industry. Exhibitors  are using 3 days of exhibition time to discuss key industry issues such  as promoting profit growth and technological innovation and working  together to solve key interior materials such as weight-saving interior  materials, efficient interior design and refurbishment methods.

HamburgMesse AIX