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Exhibition News - The 7th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition [November 15-17]

  The 7th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition

  Booth No: A159

  Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center - Hongqiao

  Date: November 15-17

The 7th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibiton2019

  Richpeace double-head large-format fiberglass automatic sewing machine

  RPAS-GF-LS-2-2400X5000-G-SU-SH-LH100, AF-3P380

  Performance advantage

  1, 15 inch high-definition touch screen display;

  2, using the head and the hook independent motor drive, the head X moves, the saddle Y moves, reducing the machine footprint;

  3. The two heads are independently driven and independently controlled to improve sewing efficiency;

  4, three synchronous sewing machine head, effectively avoid broken needles and catching phenomenon;

  5, imported servo motor drive, high-precision linear guide transmission to ensure sewing precision;

  6, Fuyi special edition software, easy to learn, easy to operate;

  7. Automatic feeding table can realize one-button feeding after paving, no need to reposition, and improve feeding efficiency;

  8. The needle cooling device can continuously cool the needle;

  9. The belt is installed in the sewing area, which is convenient for automatic cutting after sewing.

  Applications: Large-format sewing for special materials such as satellite, missile, aerospace, etc.

Glass fiber sewing.png

  Exhibition background

  The Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition ("Shanghai Air Show") has been successfully held for six times since its inception in 2005. The exhibition attracted a total of thousands of civil aviation, commercial aviation, general aviation and related companies and industry organizations from nearly 40 countries and regions around the world. The exhibition was successfully held for several years to expand China's aviation manufacturing industry. The market provides a broad platform. As the international shipping center in the forefront of the country and the world, Shanghai's aviation hub and supporting construction has been very effective, and has driven the rapid development of the aerospace industry in East China. In order to better promote the development of China's general aviation and civil aviation industry and business aviation industry, the Shanghai Aviation Society, Gordon Commercial and related authorities are scheduled to be held at Shanghai Hongqiao-National Exhibition Center from November 15-17, 2019. The "2019 7th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition" was held. It is hoped that this event will be an international platform for the world's civil aviation, business aviation, general aviation and aerospace practitioners to build a professional and effective product and service display, business negotiation, technical exchange and policy interpretation in China. Healthy development and international cooperation in the aerospace industry. The exhibition will also host Shanghai International Aviation Service Industry Expo, International Aviation Engineering Summit Forum, International Aviation Finance and Leasing Conference, International Aviation Metrology Testing and Standardization Summit Forum, Commercial Aviation Engine Shanghai International Forum, Airport Construction and Development (Shanghai) International Summit. Shanghai Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing and Materials Innovation Shanghai International Forum and Shanghai Airshow Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference