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Exhibition News - The 15th Shanghai International Auto Customization Refit Expo [October 11-13]

  The 15th Shanghai International Auto Customization Refit Expo

  Booth No.: 2D9-2

  Display Name: Richpeace Automatic Shaped Hole Rotary Embroidery Sewing Machine

  Model: RPCE-L-P+E+S-1-1200X800-B-P6+F9+IS-VR1, VR2-LH50-AO, RH360-3P380

  Features: professional punching (shaped drill), rotary sewing, multi-color embroidery

  Date: October 11-13

The 15th  Ra China Auto Salon

  Machine characteristics

  1. It adopts independent driving rotary head and hook mechanism. The nose and hook can be traced 360 degrees, avoiding the difference of positive and negative stitch quality.

  2, the rotary punching mechanism can install up to 6 kinds of special-shaped hole punches, and any punch can realize 360-degree rotation, punch out the punching pattern of any angle, and enrich the punching shape design content.

  3, integrated embroidery, sewing, punching in one, the flower pattern can be arbitrarily designed, easy to achieve complex processing of punching, embroidering, sewing any combination.

  4, the embroidery speed can be up to: 1000 needles / minute, the sewing speed can reach: 1000 needles / minute, the punching speed can reach: 800 holes / minute.

  5, punching knife selection: round hole, square hole, rectangular hole, diamond hole, elliptical hole and other shaped holes (aperture range 1mm-5mm)

  6. Embroidery and sewing stitches have good consistency, stable quality, and low defective products.

  7. It has automatic hook oil supply function, and the embroidery sewing machine head automatically supplies oil.

  8. The stainless steel countertop is durable and easy to clean.