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Why do not use so-called Compatible cartridges or refilled cartridges for your Inkjet Plotter

HP-Hewlett-Packard is the world’s leading supplier of printing consumables, which company developed technical, performance and reliability standards for the printer. With the increasingly fierce competition in the market of garment plotters, worldwide well-known inkjet plotter brand commonly adopted HP45 cartridges. Therefore, the ink cartridge gains a very high share in the global inkjet plotter market, huge amount requirement can be imagined. However, since the compatible ink cartridges are cheaper than original cartridges, the market is flooded with a wide range of compatible cartridges. But HP does not allow compatible cartridges, serious danger hidden for the plotter because of using compatible cartridges.

First of all, let’s learn about compatible cartridges.

The so-called HP compatible cartridges on the market are waste Recycling used cartridges refilled with ink (non-original inks) repeatedly,  then sent to the market for sale with attached label. In fact, they are counterfeit goods and are called compatible cartridges.

Original HP ink cartridges and its ink are HP unique technology, China domestic without the ability to develop this technology currently, this is the reason why the used waste ink cartridges be recycled.


Compatible cartridge is available or not? What’s the different between the original and compatible cartridge?

The answer is that the so-called compatible cartridge shouldn’t be use absolutely.

Firstly, in order to ensure the high printing quality, HP45 ink cartridges are formed by the ultra-precision circuit. There is a life-long relationship between its internal circuit and ink usage during ink cartridges using process, and recycling use will easily lead to internal short circuit damage or short circuit directly! Hewlett-Packard official also stipulate that HP45 cartridge is belong to consumable category, and repeated ink filling is strictly prohibited.


Secondly, the original cartridge internal pressure is treated specially, its internal pressure balance will be destroyed after second ink filling, resulting in ink blocked or continuous ink leakage problems. Moreover, the second ink filling compatible cartridges using non-professional ink, while HP original ink is manufactured by a number of complicated processes, and its ink molecules have strict requirements to ensure the quality and safety. Therefore, please do not seek for a cheaper compatible cartridge, which may leads to big loss in your long time use.

Compatible cartridges suffered more than twice repeated ink filling personally, and filling ink is not the original ink. Those cartridges can be reluctantly used for a short time, but please note that a variety of hidden problems are buried on your plotter.

You may encounter with bellow troubles frequently with compatible cartridges

  1.  The printing heads are blocked, without ink spray;

  2.  Printing line sare divergent and interrupted;

  3.  Serious Inkleakage occurred when placed;

  4. D) The screen is blinking when power on, the internal short circuit of the ink cartridge will cause the control hardware short circuit of the whole machine, resulting in the damage of complete hardware system.

Troubles occurred continuously and plotter shut down frequently without working, serious problems even made your plotter scrapped totally. You saved a little cartridge costs while lost the whole plotter, which is really worthless. While take a look at the smooth and clear lines for HP45 original cartridges, your familiar old friend Richpeace is hear.

Richpeace High Speed Magic Inkjet Plotter With HP45 Original cartridges

In recent years, some models of ink continuously supply plotters available in the market, which mainly structure includes piezoelectric independent nozzle, ink guide tube and compatible ink. Saving money is just a gimmick, and is not really cheap if we calculate accounts. The biggest disadvantage of this system are worry and costly. Printing heads are easily blocked by using compatible cartridges and piezoelectric nozzle cost is very high. One nozzle replacement cost equals half cost of one plotter, which really a big lost. But original HP cartridges can ensure using more than two years without any worry. Which one is better cost-effective? We may know the answer clearly after comparison.

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