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Tianjin Richpeace Computer&Machinery Co.,Ltd Won “The Light of Textile" Excellence Award

On December 18 , 2017,“The Light of Textile" 2017 year China textile industry association of science and technology education awarding meeting was held in the great hall of the people in Beijing, sponsored by China National Textile, Apparel Council and Textile Vision Science &Education Fund.

ianjin Richpeace’s "Centralized Transmission Clutch System" won the excellence award of China textile industry patent. Scientific and technological innovation is an important engine for the development of the textile industry. The interdisciplinary integration of multidisciplinary and multi fields embodies the characteristics of the industry and the direction of innovation.

In the application of flexible material industry, Richpeace group dedicated to the two process - "Cutting + Sewing" gradually realize flexible manufacturing, providing software, computer, electronic control, device, component, machine, customized, complete sets of equipment complete solutions to customers, and enhance the ability of the traditional manufacturing industry, realize the two integration goals of computerization, production automation and management informatization., to be a high-end, global equipment supplier of "Cutting + Sewing" industrial 4.0.