Richpeace Automatic Double-needle Universal Rotating Sewing Machine



As requested by zigzag and double-needle clockwise sewing, Richpeace Automatic Double-needle Universal Rotating Sewing Machine is researched and developed, in wide application of garment, home textile liner structure’s fixing, airbags and other high-quality sewing requirement.

Product Video

Product Introduction

   Function and Features

  •   Adopt the independent drive rotary head to realize the complete imitation manual stitching, the sewing quality is high;

  •   When sewing thick material, the machine head is lifted and downed to ensure the working space, which is suitable for sewing with various clamps;

  •   Double Needle and double wire tracking at any Angle to Realize perfect stitching;

  •   Pattern of arbitray design, unrestricted;

  •   Adopt 10-inch LCD touch screen to provide high-definition picture;

  •   Controlled by motor the lifting position of the foot is controlled by the motor, and the sewing effect is stable when stitching is done;

  •   Using USB port, it is not only easy to input data, but also to save large data;

  •   Full servo motor is used to realize stable sewing, which is suitable for various sewing conditions.

Double-needle Universal Rotating Sewing Machine Application