Richpeace Disposable Medical Mask Automatic Production


Suitabe for the automatic production of Disposable Medical Mask & Surgical Mask.

Product Video

Product Introduction

1. Auto-align three rolls of material to be feed in, the Outer, Filter and Inner layers. Symmetrically both sides pressing with ultrasonic continuously. With continous roller press then cut. Branch to two separated welding devices for earloops, in order to fulfill the line balancing and having high productivity effect.Finished the earloops making and send   to digital counter automatically.

2. Production adopted the "1 to 2" theory, a main set of mask making system, to distribute two sets of earloops welding device making.

3. Earloops finished by ultrasonic cutting and welding  automatically.

4. Nose- bridge can be made with auto feeding, cutting and ultrasonic welding.