Medical Equipment


Richpeace Automatic Mask Bagging Machine ( I )

RPAP-FM-F-2-100x250-HM-BSP-CRF-P-1P220 ( I )

Suitable for automatic bagging operations for various types of mask.


Richpeace Disposable Medical Mask Automatic Production


Suitabe for the automatic production of Disposable Medical Mask & Surgical Mask.


Richpeace Surgical Mask Manual Ear-loop Welding Machine


Suitable for all kinds of ear loop manual welding, such as plane mask, cup mask,fish mask (KF94), duckbill mask,folding respirator mask (N95/KN95) .


Richpeace Mask Semi-automatic Earloop Welding Machine


It is suitable for automatic earloop welding of disposable plane multi-layer mask.


Richpeace Automatic Foldable Respirator Mask Production Line


Foldable respirator mask.


Richpeace Automatic Production Line for Cup Mask


Fully automatic production and processing for cup-type protective masks.


Richpeace Automatic Ear-loop Welding Machine For Medical Mask


It is suitable for automatic welding of ear-loops of medical disposable three-layer mask.


Richpeace Automatic Fish Mask Production Line


Suitable for automatic production of fish mask (KF94 standard).