Richpeace Luggage & Bag CAD V9.0


System:Windows XP/7/8/10

This Luggage and Bags CAD system is mainly for suitcase, handbag, leather luggage industries, etc. It includes the necessary operations for those industries and production, such as pattern design, cost analyze, quotation processing, cut plan, budget for resources planning and handling. It brings the cost control easier and improve the efficiency, shorten production cycle. It is a very powerful tools for fashion bag, waist bag and wallet production industries as well.

Product Introduction

Pattern Design System

1.Flexible, in line with the operator's design habits, free to design the system board and automatically calculate the size.

2.System integration of the digitizer input, pattern design and the pieces information output printing and other modules.

3.Modify the size of the pieces just only need one directive, instantly completed. Provide overall zooming in proportion.

4.The automatic generation tool of side piece, the shape and length of side piece completed in one-time.

5.Dart and Pleat tools make the complicated pleats easy and quickly.You can quickly and accurately complete the complex unfold, adjust,merger and so on.

6.Competition function, intelligent alignment. While intuitive comparison of the shape and length of the pattern.

7.Able to meet the various requirements of the seam and drilling.

8.Powerful library storage function, easy to store and extract to use at any time, save time.

9.Can display scan or download style design, for reference about pattern design, and can be saved; can be connected with the input device, the image scan, but also through the digitizer, the scanner for paper input.

luaagage bag.jpg


Marker System Special Feature

1.Provide automatic, manual, human-computer interaction to improve the efficiency of the use of fabric; pick and place, fill the pieces, rotate, move, automatically find the right and for the expected and do overlap processing, are only easy to click the mouse can be completed quickly.

2.Automatic calculation of materials, length, weight, utilization, the total number of pieces and the number of placed, and instantly complete the paper with the amount of calculation, automatically calculate the paper circumference, area, consumption and consumption.

3.Using keyboard and mouse to quickly turn and move the pieces, a reasonable composition marker, greatly improve the efficiency.

4.To provide professional stamping data, according to the actual situation to join the knife consumption, so that the amount of budget closer to the actual amount.

5.You can arbitrarily change the name, amount, the number of pieces that need to nesting. System for different pieces of shape can be free to choose row knife program, convenient and intuitive.

6.On a variety of fabric styles for automatic cloth sub-bed, to avoid human error.

7.To provide a professional strips and plaid function, pull the higher or lower plies and a variety of ways to save fabric.

8.Automatic check the marker to remove the overlapping pieces, left behind pieces, forward and reverse pieces, etc., to avoid the manual nesting errors.

9.Can be connected with the output device, printing little sample and drawing and cutting 1:1 pattern papers, transmission review drawings information, information exchange and cooperation between departments is very convenient.


V9.0 Enterprise Version luggage and bags CAD is for sale, divided into single version and lan version, and the difference is as follows:

1.Single version: a dongle can independently control a computer;

2.Lan version:need to have a local area network, you must open the host, than the other computer to run.