Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine for Garment



Application: Garment parts(collar, flap,cuff,ect.), down jacket(sewing-filling),light down jacket, winterclothes, sunhat brim, pillow inner, pillow case, and all kinds of double or multi-layercloth sewing.

Product Video

Product Introduction

  •   Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine for Garment

  •   4G Sewing Machine which invented by Richpeace first time.

  •   Innovative design and change the traditional sewing method, have more advantages than other modified long-arm type machine.

  •   Stable, reliable and durable.

  •   Richpeace computer control system, easy to learn and can be operated in ten minutes.

  •   Richpeace Garment Autosew CAD Software has good compatibility with garment pattern design CAD software, no need waste time for converting the file.

  •   New structure sewing head, automatic oil supply, low noise and expend the machine’s use age.

  •   Exclusive R & D down-proof technology insure without down leakage during sewing and guarantee high quality sewing.

  •   Apply with Richpeace exclusive CAD technology and make the whole design for template sewing especially.

  •   According to different materials thickness, uplift flexible presser foot can adjust the height automatically, make sure the stitch line accurate and beautiful.

  •   Book folded work table, change the size easily, compact structure and it’s convenient for re-ranking the machine’s position.

Richpeace Single Head Automatic Garment Sewing Machine