Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine for Garment



Application: Garment parts(threshold, zipper, pocket, shoulder loop, sleeve kraft) one-time automatic sewing, down jacket, cotton clothing automatic sewing

Product Video

Product Introduction

  1.Richpeace computer control system, easy to learn, handle within 10 minutes;

  2. 8 million needles can be stored, and the number of patterns is unlimited;

  3.Complete new structure of sewing head and automatic lubrication system make the noise lower and longer machine life-time;

  4.RICHPEACE unique down-proof technology could avoid down leakage during sewing and ensure stitches quality;

  5.Flexible with pressure sensitive press foot, could adjust the height automatically according to various material thickness, ensure good quality & precise stitches can be performed;

  6.X-direction rail structure for easy access to templates, easy to operate, fast and efficient;

  7.Folding table, various sizes available, exquisite construction, suitable for various scale of garment factories;

  8.Barcode scanning feature to identify pattern file;

  9.Rotary hook, bearings, belts, guide rails, pneumatic parts, etc. All use international grade famous brands to ensure the service life of machine;

  10.Richpeace template CAD, free to import a variety of template files, no format conversion, easy to learn.

Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine for Garment