Richpeace Automatic Single Needle Universal Rotary Sewing Machine



Suitable for the production of high-end custom clothing, sewn garments, down jackets, etc.

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Product Introduction


  Universal rotary handpiece,Unrestricted pattern design.

  Independently driven rotary head for stitch sewing in any direction, precise stitching, beautiful appearance

  Pneumatic lifting of the head ensures sufficient working space and higher equipment safety

  The head can be rotated at any angle to avoid the difference between positive and negative stitches, sewing effect is higher, the effect is better

  Automatic oil supply , reduce noise and extend the service life

  New platform drive rotary table, high precision, vigorous distance, dustproof and waterproof

  15-inch high-definition industrial flat screen, user-friendly operation interface, simple and easy to learn

  All-servo motor control ensures high safety and stability of equipment and ensures high-quality sewing results

  Mass storage space, unlimited storage of stitch files

Richpeace Automatic Single Needle Universal Rotary Sewing Machine application