Laser Cutting Machine


Richpeace Laser Cutting Machine for Automotive Interiors


Special design for automotive industry to cut interiors, sun roof.etc.


Richpeace GMI III Laser Bridge System for Embroidery Machines


Embroidery,Wedding dresses,Garment,Shoes,Leaher,Jean Engraving,Textile fabric.etc


Double Beams Asynchronous Automatic Feeding Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine


  1. Suitable for clothing, home textile, sofa, automotive, toys, shoes, hats, bags and other fabrics cutting.   2. Cooperate with large-area camera recognition system, suitable for large-area digital printing fabrics such as sportswear, lace fabric, jersey, swimsuit, sports vest, etc


  Laser, as a kind of nonmetal material processing technology, has its unique advantages in engraving and cutting. Since 2005, RICHPEACE has invested and researched in field of laser equipment manufacturing. At present, RICHPEACE has a relatively complete laser series, suitable for widely laser produce applications.

  In 2005, multi Sizes of Nonmetal Laser Engraving & Cutting Machines (Laser Tube 60W-150W).

  In 2007, Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine with movable tables on both lef and right.

  In 2009, double heads movable Laser Cutting Machine.

  In 2009, Embroidery Laser Cutting Device (Optical, Flexible Metal Tube).

  In 2009, Logo Camera-Oriented Laser Cutting Equipment.

  In 2010, Embroidery Laser Cutting Device (Light-Guide Joint Tube).

  In 2011, Template Laser Cutting Machine.

  In 2012, Laser Cutting Machine for big size (Laser Tube 100W-300W).

  In 2013, Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine with automatic feeding system.

  In 2014, being agent Of Italy GMI Specialized Laser Bridge Engraving & Cutting System for Embroidery Machine.

  In 2015, multi heads Movable Laser Cutting Machine.

  In 2015, large Size Automatic Camera-Oriented System on Laser Cutting Machine.

  In 2016, Specialized Laser Cutting Machine on Automotive Interiors.