Double Beams Asynchronous Automatic Feeding Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine



  1. Suitable for clothing, home textile, sofa, automotive, toys, shoes, hats, bags and other fabrics cutting.   2. Cooperate with large-area camera recognition system, suitable for large-area digital printing fabrics such as sportswear, lace fabric, jersey, swimsuit, sports vest, etc

Product Video

Product Introduction

  1. High cutting speed: ≤600mm/s.

  2. Working area: 1800mm×2000mm (can be customized).

  3. Automatic feeding system with conveyor belt working platform, stable and reliable, suitable for volume production.

  4. Support multi-language, USB Flash Drive, USB port, LAN port can be used according to actual conditions.

  5. Fully automatic feeding conveyor belt platform, dual laser head with asynchronous cutting, able to run two laser heads simultaneously but cutting with different patterns.And the software can reasonable appoint processing work to two independent laser heads according to the pattern layout data, increase production efficiency.

  6. High-precision built-in dual-axis linear guide, high positioning accuracy, small wear, adapt to high-speed movement and greatly reduce driving power, high bearing capacity, Easy to assemble and replace.

  7. Optional fully automatic feeding system, combined with the conveyor belt platform to prevent fabric moving with misaligned.


  Two types of 304 stainless steel mesh belt areavailable.

  Air pressure device: mini air compressor, blowing out and cooling in the cutting process, HAILEA is selected.

  Domestic famous brand laser generator. Automatic feeding shaft ensures high feeding accuracy(optional).

  Camera positioning and cutting system (optional).

  Industrial chiller: CW5000, constant temperature, intelligent temperature.

  Famous brand components, stable output, long service life, can cooperate with the control system to operate the machine.

  Double crossbeams and double laser heads. High precision linear guide rail ensures cutting speed and precision.