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Laser Machine


Richpeace Laser Cutting Machine for Big Size

Sofa, Garment Customer-Made, Single layer cutting, Dyeing and printing patterns oriented cutting, Car interior, Toys.


  • Automatic cloth feeding system support and upload entire roll of cloth, which help enterprises improve production efficiency.

  • Constant laser beam ensures consistent cut on different positions during large area cutting.

  • Detachable machine body design facilitate machine packing and delivery.

  • Software can be well matched with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Richpeace Garment CAD etc. to implement the engraving graphic by original graphic.

  • With super pattern software, can output long files one time, automatic segmentation cutting.

  • With automatic feeding shaft, can automatic cutting with one time operation.

  • 304 Stainless steel net belt, can design according customer requirement.


4. Automatic feeding shelf, cooperate with crawler-type work table, to prevent the fabric deflection.


Laser Tub
Hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube
Laser Power
Glass tube 60/80/100w, Strengthen 90/110/130/150w
Cut/Engrave Area (mm)
2500x1500, 2500x1750, 3000x1500, 3500x1750, 4500x1500, 4500x1750
Power Supply
AC220V/110V±10%, 50Hz
Cutting Speed (mm/s)
0 ~ 600

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